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My name is Andrea and I am a fashion and graphic designer based in Belgrade.

In my work, I am driven by creativity and passion. The joy and fulfillment I receive when dealing with visual arts has committed me to fashion design, graphic design and illustrations.
I have graduated from the Faculty of Design of Belgrade, Serbia, and I have a Master's degree in Marketing and Trade.

I consider myself to be a creative thinker and decision maker, never forgetting the playful child within. I enjoy keeping up with any new media, and I believe to have found the perfect balance between my creativity and still keep up with my tasks and deliver within deadlines.

Simply put, I just love what I do :)


I am experienced in complete design workflow:

  • trend analysis (moodboards trends,
    fabric research and colors palettes)
  • apparel design for women, men and kids
  • graphic design
  • tech packs specification
  • textile pattern design
  • product development

I am an advanced user of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

I have a vast knowledge of graphic techniques for apparel design, such are appliqués, embroidery, patches, screen printing and sublimation.

In my free time, I love canvas painting.

Check out my canvas paintings:
Andrea Banjac Art Works

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